AstroPure 2100VF

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Mô tả sản phẩm


100% inpidually leak-free tested

H14 True HEPA Filter

  • Effectively removes up to 99.995% of ultra fine particles

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)

  • UVGI is the use of UVC energy to inactivate viral, bacterial, and fungal organisms

More Features

  • Ideally designed to improve the air quality of the recirculation air by reducing PM2.5, bacteria, and virus
  • Designed with the combination of two-stage filtration, supplied as total clean air solutions, removing airborne particulate contaminants
  • Designed with variable speed controller to regulate the airflow
  • Designed with insulated double-wall, incorporated with low noise design
  • Self-contained system for quick installation (plug and play)
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Superior protection from installed filters and optional UVC lamp

Benefits & Features

Designed for Filtering the Contaminated Indoor Air

AstroPure 2100VF is designed to install with the combination of secondary and HEPA filter stages within a self-contained stand-alone unit.

Economical and Easy Installation

No messy work modifications required. Simply install the air filters and dispose when no longer effective.

Intensified UV-C Light Protection

Two units of UVC lamps (short wave 254 nm) are installed in AstroPure 2100VF, to provide additional protection against airborne infection such as viruses, bacteria and fungal spores.

Integrity Tested

AstroPure 2100VF is 100% leak-free tested to reduce the risk of airborne infection. Each unit is inpidually tested to meet the customer’s expectations for performance, quality, and durability over the life of the product.

HEPA Filtration System

The AstroPure 2100VF is specially designed for healthcare facilities that require a high level of cleanliness preventing airborne transmission. It can be used as a recirculating unit in outpatient clinics, waiting areas, and other common areas where the health condition of occupants is unknown.


Airflow750 - 2,100 CMH
Air OutletLinear Air Grille
Housing MaterialDouble Wall Panel Construction
Housing FinishingWhite Powder Coated
Filter ConfigurationVariCel II F7 + MEGAcel III eFRM H14
Power Supply1ph/50~60Hz/230VAC
Applicable Coverage Area117 - 700 m2
Sound Pressure Leve42 - 54 dBA
UV Wavelength254 nm


Part NumberModelSize mm (H x W x D)Current (A)Weight (kg)
M6502-3044-302HAstroPure 2100VF1650 x 827 x 7201.85138
M6502-3044-322HAstroPure 2100VF UV1.94140

Filter Information

Part NumberModelSize mm (W x H x D)Filter ClassPurpose
M332-410-008VariCel II 80 - 85%594 x 594 x 95F7Removes fine particles
M451-201-005MEGAcel III eFRM610 x 610 x 292H14Removes finer particles and pathogens
M182-114-863AmAir/C594 x 594 x 95G4Removes VOC
M431-201-005MEGAcel III ePTFE610 x 610 x 292H14Removes finer particles and pathogens
M571-201-005AstroCel III
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