S-Trap HD

Thương hiệu: AAF
Loại: Malaysia
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Mô tả sản phẩm


  • Industry leading capacity
  • High filtration performance with lower pressure drop
  • Heavy duty welded and painted construction
  • Self-cleaning
  • Painted mild steel or stainless steel options
  • Quick & easy removable inlet grille and filtration elements

Typical application

  • Typical applications

  • Commercial Building

  • Food & Beverage

  • Healthcare

  • Hospitality

  • Industrial

  • Marine

  • Nuclear

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Schools & Universities

Benefits & Features:

Heavy Duty Performance

Built to withstand harsh environments, rust free, self-cleaning, rigid design and equipped with long-lasting materials


Casing and dust chute are welded heavy duty painted mild steel or stainless steel, other components are inpidually hot-dip galvanised steel or stainless steel.


Smart design to optimise the space, weight and installation. Easy to remove inlet grill and filtration elements for convenient inspection. Dust chute can be ordered with flange positioned at the bottom centre, right side, left side or both sides of the S-trap. Flange on both sides is used when a standby secondary fan is required.


S-Trap HD can be produced in different material based on customer preference.

Mild Steel + Paint

Stainless Steel


Number of Filter Element

Housing Material (Standard)Steel with Polyurethane Coated
Housing Material (Optional)Stainless Steel
Dust ChuteCenter, Left, Right, Both Sides
Special SizeYes
Other OptionalsSecondary Fan, Control Panel, Manometer, Weather Hood, Support Legs

Product Information 

Part NumberSize mm (H x W x D)Number of Filter ElementAirflow @ 50 PaAirflow @ 250 Pa
Clean (CMH)Secondary (CMH)Clean (CMH)Secondary (CMH)
STHD-2-4610 x 651 x 60543,6834057,367810
STHD-2-6610 x 895 x 60565,52560811,0501,216
STHD-2-8610 x 1139 x 60587,36781014,7331,621
STHD-2-10610 x 1383 x 605109,2081,01318,4172,026
STHD-2-12610 x 1627 x 6051211,0501,21622,1002,431
STHD-2-14610 x 1871 x 6051412,8921,41825,7832,836
STHD-2-16610 x 2115 x 6051614,7331,62129,4673,241
STHD-2-18610 x 2359 x 6051816,5751,82333,1503,647
STHD-2-20610 x 2603 x 6052018,4172,02636,8334,052
STHD-4-61290 x 895 x 605611,0501,21622,1002,431
STHD-4-81290 x 1139 x 605814,7331,62129,4673,241
STHD-4-101290 x 1383 x 6051018,4172,02636,8334,052
STHD-4-121290 x 1627 x 6051222,1002,43144,2004,862
STHD-4-141290 x 1871 x 6051425,7832,83651,5675,672
STHD-4-161290 x 2115 x 6051629,4673,24158,9336,483
STHD-4-181290 x 2359 x 6051833,1503,64766,3007,293
STHD-4-201290 x 2603 x 6052036,8334,05273,6678,103
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