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Cảm biến nhiệt độ trung bình - Series TE-A

 Series TE-A
Cảm biến nhiệt độ trung bình
Chiều dàu từ 6,12 đến 24’

The Series TE-A Averaging Temperature Sensors are used to measure the temperature in large ducts and air handler units. Bendable aluminum capillaries are available in 6, 12, and 24 foot lengths. These capillaries consist of four thermistor or RTD sensors which are internally averaged to give a single output signal. Series CC1 mounting brackets are available to mount the capillary to the wall of the duct or air handler without kinking the sensor wires inside the probe. For faster installation, the enclosure has multiple knockouts, wide mounting ears, and a screw-off captured lid.

  • Accuracy: Thermistor temperature sensor: ± 0.22°C @ 25°C (±0.4°F @ 77°F); RTD temperature sensor: DIN class B: ±0.3°C @ 0°C (±0.54°F @ 32°F).
  • Temperature Limits: -40 to 302°F (-40 to 150°C).
  • Capillary Lengths: 6, 12 or 24' (depending on model).
  • Cable Length: 4".
  • Sensor Curves: See resistance vs. temperature table on page 299.
  • Probe Material: Bendable aluminum probe.
  • Housing Material: Meets UL, 94 V-0 polycarbonate plastic.
  • Weight: 14 oz (397 g).
Cảm biến nhiệt độ trung bình - Series TE-A
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